Teen Scene

 teenminerals™ Healthy Mineral Make-up
This fun starter kit was designed with input from local high school and jr. high girls and moms. Keeping a fresh face with soft and supple colors that are oil-free and very water resistant. Products are inter- changeable, use them anywhere on the face!

Our quality cosmetics use essential nutrients to replenish and protect, neutralize free radicals, soothe and smooth for a natural flawless complexion.

Fresh Start
Great for both guys and girls! This beneficial treatment EDUCATES to promote great skin care and hygiene. Start with a thorough skin analysis, deep cleansing, if needed a safe yet effective enzyme with gentle steaming, followed by extractions, finishing with oil-free hydration.

Pamper Me Pretty
Specially designed with her in mind. Relax and enjoy unique blend of massage techniques to sooth and pam- per her delicate skin. Gentle cleansing and a hydrating mask with aromatherapy is sure to make her feel like a little princess. Add on teenminerals make-up session and Good To Go Bag!





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